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Fishing from the beach

Hello all,

I checked Bassdozer and looked thru the forums, but did not really see the info I was looking for.

Take it easy on me, As I am just a beginner

I am not looking for anyone's favorite spot or secret formula ; I just need a little beginner help. Since hooking up the other night with something huge and not landing, I am obsessed. I have spent almost every waking moment thinking about hooking into another. Pay day can not come soon enough, because I think I need a new rig. I gotz to catch mez a keepa.

I was fishing off a small beach in Narragansett. Using circle hooks and squid with barrel swivel and a 3 oz sinker on a snap the line flows freely thru. Hooked into something big that broke my 20# line.

Most of my fishing will be done from the same beach for now.

1. How much difference do tides and time of day make when fishing from beach? Most of my time will be spent fishing in the evening, dusk, and into the night. Is this pointless if the tide is low or going out as it is getting dark?

2. Is it more important to fish a tide then time of day or vice versa? If the HT is at 3pm and low tide is at 9pm, is it better to fish before 3pm then it is at 9pm when it is night? Or are neither ideal?

3. Bait. I was using whole squid, but now I am hearing I was supposed to be cutting this up into strips. Wouldn't whole squid be better and look better? Is there an order to the bait as in what is better? Should I use live eels, then if they aren't available, squid, and etc... Are certain baits better at different times of the day?

Basically I am wondering what tide and time conditions should I be calling the babysitter and calling in favors, stressing to get out there and in what conditions should I pass on and throw out the ole' "yes dear, I was going to fish, but I will put that off for you because you mean that much to me and we can do something you like" line for brownie points.

I would appreciate any advice I can get. Thank you in advance.

Jason B

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