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Yea, I have a 3 foot leader on there.

Not really stuck on that place, it just that it is the easiest for me to get to, never crowded, kind of secret since it is in a private owned area without parking, and known to all the local residence as quality.

I have talked to people who say the regularly pull big ones from there, 30"+. Plus the area is huge. It will take me a month to fish all the spots along the whole thing.

Anyways, someone mention "fish finder" to me. Should I throw that on? A big red float doesn't seem very natural to me.

I hooked up and had a bunch of bites on Sunday night at 9pm, does that mean I have to wait till 12am tonight? 3 days, 3 hours added?

I am getting the feeling that unless you become very familar with a certain area and that area dictates to you it is specific, that tide and time are otherwise not that important.

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