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Originally Posted by niko View Post
if that fish is 275 pounds, i'll quit fishing.
Just to be clear, there are two videos.. the first one is a link to a
yellowfin taken via bamboo. The author stated the size. Its seemed
like a reasonable estimate, but I do not have the eye to dispute.
either way....I have always been confused with this video. Like, I
just don't understand how they disable such a big fish so fast.

Originally Posted by PRBuzz View Post
editing! Do you think they really show the entire fight?
Not sure. I have watched it a couple of times. I do not see an edit. I
am really impress on how quickly he gets over that fish. Like he is
up and down on it in under 60 seconds.

I have watched some of the other videos in that collection. It seems
to be somewhat commercial as they appear to be advertising rods.
Its totally possible that I am being tricked by some fancy editing.

Originally Posted by niko View Post
there are a couple of ways to go at it. tons of drag, put the heat on him and get it to the boat as quick as possible, if you pull the hook so be it. shorter but intense fight. option 2 - moderate drag. it will be a longer fight and the longer it is the more chance you have of something going wrong
When you say tons of drag, I am curious about how much drag

Thanks for the info. Most of my experience has been with short
fighting fish. The only exceptions have been with some bigger
critters from the kayak....but even those were done in under 15
minutes. I am trying to get a full picture of what I am in for.

Can you recommend any resources or articles on light tackle
bluefin fishing?

I did a search on the www , but couldn't find anything but
charter ads.

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