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When transiting the straight as you enter towards Singapore all navy ships have full bridge crew manning the helm and as lookouts, as well as several watchstanders in Aft Steering where they can steer if Bridge looses steering. With this one hitting the port side aft near the harpoon misslie launchers, the navy ship clearly had the right of way. Yes this is a VERY busy place and a small error can quickly cause an issue. It is extremely difficult for me to believe that this was entirely an accident. Both the McCain and Fitzgerald are out of commission for a long time before they can get repaired. One odd thing that bothers me is I have been through this area over a dozen times and there isn't any cross traffic, everyone is going in or out, so its crazy for a T-bone type hit to happen.

About 1/2 way into this drone footage it flies over the straight and you can see how crowded it is and what I mean about cross traffic

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