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Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
They just relieved the admiral in charge of that fleet. Strong move, warranted with the loss of life though. I try to not go down the rabbit hole of intentional collisions, but these days its tough not to let the mind wander.
Tough call - I've heard good things about that Admiral and he just got position in June - after being deputy. Problem is likely more institutional than location . Sacrificial Goat.

Originally Posted by Cool Beans View Post
if they lost steering, there really isn't anything between the helm and the rudder that could have been any type of cyber attack, like some are saying on other sites. Even with aft steering control room manned and ready it could take a minute or so before they would be able to correct course. If when they lost steering control on the bridge as they were making a course correction, it could cause the ship to cross in front of the cargo vessel, before aft steering regained control. Very bad timing if this is the cause. I have seen this happen before but in wide open ocean, normally when they are doing engineering drills and shifting power. It could easily be a watchstanders mistake that caused this or mechanical failure.

the control system to the helm is redundant so even if they lost a synchro they would still have steering. My guess would be they must have lost power aft. Unbalanced load could have tripped a breaker or brought a generator offline. It would be sad, if the steering doesn't have redundant power sources like my radar system had. If AMR#1 went down it would auto switch to power coming from AMR#2 or 3.

Relieving the Admiral is an over reaction, especially if this is due to mechanical failure or a watchstanders mistake.

Sad to see such tragedies happen like this. No matter what the cause
Yes - terrible place to lose steering - no matter how brief.

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