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Sealing Maple: Techniques

This is my second season building plugs and I just completed a series of Maple Donnies. I am about to move onto sealing them. After some research online and getting input from a couple other plug builders; I am going to be moving forward with epoxy sealing these plugs. I have never epoxy sealed a plug before, so I was hoping to get some input from builders here. Based on the research that I have done here, I am planning on moving forward with the following technique.

The following seems to be pretty standard:
- I plan on using Etex
- I plan on heating the plugs in small batches in a small oven for 20 minutes at 180 (or so) degrees prior to epoxy sealing.
- While the plugs are heating, I will mix up a small batch of epoxy; trying to time it out with the plug warming process.
- I plan on either pouring the etex down the through hole of the plug and catching it in a cup at the bottom. Another option is using a syringe to shoot the epoxy through.
- I will also brush the exposed wood grain with the epoxy.
- It’s a somewhat messy process the first few attempts.

I guess I am asking for clarification or tips/pointers on a couple items:
- Thinning the epoxy (Yes or No). If yes, how do you thin and with what material?
- Do you just epoxy the exposed wood grain (end grain, hook holes, lip slot, etc) or do you brush the epoxy over the entire plug and let it soak in? I hear differing opinions about this topic.
- If you brush the entire plug with epoxy; what will the plug look like when you’re completed. Will it have a shine to it? What’s the best way to know that you’re done?
- What sort of brush do you use to apply the epoxy? Foam, bristle, etc…? Does it make a difference really?
- How long do you let the epoxy coat dry before applying a primer coat?

I know that I am missing some steps, so any advice would be appreciated.

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