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Originally Posted by Nebe View Post
Why does Mass make you alter the muzzle break? Wht does that achieve? Congrats on your new purchase
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After the federal ban expired on black scary rifles called supposed "assault" rifles, the commiewealth of Mass in their infinite wisdom and superiority passed a copycat law to continue the ban. Therefore in order to buy an AR-15 or similar, it could only have 2 features of the killy parts so the threaded barrel could not have a flash hider since we all know that is how criminals hide from the po-po. So pin and weld a muzzle break on which is not a flash hider or just do the same with a thread protector. You can't have an adjustable stock either because making it fit your particular body is going to make the rifle so much more lethal in this nanny state. That leaves you with a removable magazine and a grip. However, since last July our AG has declared by an opinion piece in the Globe that the past AG's have not been enforcing the law correctly, she interpreted it in her own way basically changing it 5 or 6 times while reading posts on gun forums about the mistakes she was making re-interpreting the law in her own tyrannical way.

Don't ever move to Massachusetts, we are behind enemy lines here.

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