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On that needle You want to paint that Yellow and silver and weight it so it slow sinks, Your going to Use it like a pencle popper, only You dont know it Yet...
You need to slim the middle down a bit and get a nice taper in the front of the plug.
You want to make a floating needle in black, it will just barely float level with a slight angle so it will cast, The color shall Be Black and Black shall Be thy color, You will paint it black and only black untill further notice
You want to make a set of floaters in black,,, black and purple,, black olive silver belly with red fogged in around the eyes or on the nose.
Purple and silver is good to....
then You want some slow sinkers in solid black and make some in the above colors and some with blue around the eyes with green fogged in on the sides,Killer last week,,,
then fast sinkers in forest green,,,
black,,,, black and Yellow,This color for another type of floater a verticle floater, Killer, Lost Mine 10" plug to....
allso on the fast sinkers Make them skinny to cut through the water and look like sand eel as far as the profile go's
well You make Your own plugs now so now comes the barely legal plugs as in a super slow sinker, Ya know the type that says I aint goin down there,they will eat Me.
It sits in the water then Pukes slow into the depths of the water Like a slow sinking fly line....
toss this into skinny water and on a bar and let the tide move it while You only keep Line Tension on it.......
when the Plug comes close to the waves breaking on shore reel it slow..
a verticle floater is good for Big wood that You want to cast far But still float and doubles as pencle popper. You want the nose to poke out of the water..
Make stubbie and small needles, Make a set of colors and sink them little suckers, they need to Die in the mouth of a fish.
You can use pork rhind on the end with kille results to...
allso make Yellow and white on all needles You make and a green back yellow Belly.
and Make some pink needles to, Not Rude pink, try to tone the pink down, You can pearl it with Peal x pigment, Mix with epoxy.
U must have black and gold allso..
the fast sinkers are for fast nasty surf or for faster water where fish are not coming up..
tune Your plugs for Your working enviroment.
Rember thats why U build plugs.......
Hope this helps

If You are going to experiment with needles.
Make a set of 3 all the same size and paint them all black.
weight one to float with half the body in the water.
weight the other one to sink slow.
And the last one to sink fast.
This way You will learn faster on how You want the lure to work, Plus Black is a good color. make all the bodies the same and make the lures 8" long.
Now You have a set for all types of water.
You can Make the loop wire that You put in the nose longer to add some nose weight. it helps a little to get the nose down.
a great needle is one that plunks down in water and half the body is showing
the reason for the weighting of the needles is not only to cover the water column in different But to WORK THE LURE SLOW when they want it slow in a very slow moving current, You could bring that fast sinker up to the top, But the bass may not want it at a high speed retrieve. or they may want it slow about a foot under the water and the current is cranking so that fast sinker will slam the bass for You.
Now You can move on to shapes, A needle with a wider nose is going to do two things.
Push water and Have a bigger profile, Plus the weight will go up and You can make it float easy with less weight to balance it out.
Again the 3 types of needles apply fast slow float, and now You can make some that will barely float or sink at a different rate. Remember its to match the current and when You know what the bass want You can zone in on them, Like in white water and jerking the rod to make it look like a sand eel. Hi Eel Punt,,,,,,on the bottom...
You can make a sand eel type needle and add a French blade to it, make it sink fast and paint it green with either black scale or mustard yellow scale. and Put a barrel on the blade, I think the French blade is the best due to its shape and how it matches up to the plug. For some reason they like that color combo. and a solid black and You can paint the blade black to...
Another blade that works great is called a delta Blade, Mike Fixter turned Me onto this blade, They sell them In Moors Lures.
Make a fat profile needle and add this blade to the front crimp up some tubing so the blade turns and does not Bind Up. Make the needle a moderate sinker, it will come right up. and the blade makes a graceful wake, Nice and slow with out that rude splashing, Hi Wee Wee...
Paint the lure Black for starters, But Me thinks black and Yellow rocks on it, Me need to make more. Gone with the wind....

Pro Tool Club....
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