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Originally Posted by Rockfish9 View Post
Been there...feel your pain... I bought a new truck June of 16... so I go in to pick up my truck.. I spend a few minutes with the salesman and he disappears to take my plates off the old truck and put them on my new truck so he can have the shop put the sticker on it...this fiasco started at 10:00AM...

so he disappears with my new truck and someone else takes my old one .. I sit at his desk waiting for him to return... about 20 minutes latter he returns and says they are putting the sticker on it now... no sooner the words leave his mouth the service manager and their inspector motion him over... after the consultation... the 3 amigos come to tell me my NEW truck wont pass inspection because my rear plate is no longer reflective... so they propose the same scenarios outlined above... after some discussion another salesman ( whom I bought the previous truck from) comes over to say hello and suggests that I drive over to the registry and order a new plate... with the new plate receipt they will then give me my sticker... so I did just that... long story short... My wife works until 5... she beat me home.. but I did eventually arrive home in my new truck with a valid inspection sticker on the windshield.. so ya.. RMV and inspection stations suck...and I feel your pain.
I had the exact same scenario in 2010 when I bought my Tacoma. They just said to get new plates and come back. I left the dealership with my new truck and old plates, stopped at my regular inspection station and got my sticker. I still have those plates on it today. Just passed inspection too. I've had the same plates since 1985.
Two years ago my wife was stopped by a local cop and was told to get new plates (she had the old green one) because they weren't reflective any longer. We got new plates and eight months later, the new ones look almost as bad as the old. It's all BS.

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