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Originally Posted by PaulS View Post
Ross, why is it that everyone who says they invest in schemes like this never lose $, you only hear of them making $?
Pride and ego mostly. I made good money in Go Pro when it came out. Took a profit. Went back in pretty heavily on momentum, added to it on a couple pull backs, and ended up losing 75% of the capital invested plus the original profit. Still used the loss to offset gains as recently as last year. Of course you cant do that in a retirement account...
Emotion can lead to massive errors in judgement when it comes to investing. Chasing a stock is no different from the gambler trying to make up losses from the 1 o'clock NFL games by going in heavy on the late games. I do have >50% in a single position, but it is a large cap and I am up > 125%, which skews the pie. Usually have no more than 10% in a single position when establishing it. These folks who say they put it all in on Bitcoin, or whatever, are either lying or have the ability to live with a ton more risk than anyone I know personally.
Crypto market cratering some more today, though most trading is done for the day at this hour as majority of traders are in the bars...

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