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Originally Posted by Got Stripers View Post
You read my mind and each time I hear Trump state no collusion, I have to think you protest too loudly for that to be true. Even if Trump personally had no involvement, which I find almost impossible to believe for such a control freak; I think he is guilty of obstructing justice.

I think I am misunderstanding you or you are misunderstanding me.

I believe there are issues with Trump WRT Russia.

We don't know for fact (and neither does anyone else here) but I would not be surprised if some of the scuttlebutt is true: Trump Laundered Dirty Russian Money and has been doping it for years - long before any political thing happened.

I have seen good arguments on both sides on whether or not he is/was obstructing justice.

But we need to see if from a just and ethical FBI/Justice Department investigation. Fast and accurate. Additional problem is that the reputation and reliability of the FBI/Justice Department is questionable now (as it was 2 years ago).

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