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Originally Posted by JohnR View Post
Proof. People are talking about impeaching a President of the United States, Congress (one party anyway) is pressing to impeach Trump.

If you do not see real hard concrete everyone agrees proof you will have a Civil War and then Putin really does win. Stakes are to high for anything other than solid, irrefutable proof.
Republicans wanted and impeached Clinton for lying under oath about a BJ let me say again lying about a BJ ...trump lying no big deal ..

But the current Republicans and Trump supporters proclaim where's the proof ... when its Crystal clear they will only wont accept the Truth rather only the truth they want to see ...

it shows here all the time Benghazi, the uranium deal , the Clinton foundation .. over and over... each one has been de bunked at every turn .. but still breath life on the right .. facts dont matter

now Bannon book is out .. this is what happens when you dont pay your bills
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