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Originally Posted by spence View Post
A few summers ago I had a nest in a wall likely. Probably sucked up 200 of the suckers in the house with a vacuum. Fortunately when away from the nest and alone they aren't very aggressive.
That would’ve been a no bueno situation here. 2 family members who are allergic.

I’ve never even seen them in this part of the yard before, but there’s a plethora of chipmunks. I wonder if yellow jackets use some of the same holes/tunnels that chipmunks dig?

Last time I stumbled upon a nest was maybe 10 years ago. My neighbor at the time, a super cool professor from Harvard, was drinking a beer on his deck watching me go ballistic. He was laughing his ass off as I fled and left the mower for dead. I felt like a real man that day. Later on, I just filled the hole with dirt and that seemed to remedy the situation.
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