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Originally Posted by JohnR View Post
SOS still my standard bearer

Nice surprises punching above their weight:

Lost Nation Mosaic and Pour Judgement

I must have had a bad batch of the NS Santilli, as it was barely drinkable. Whirlpool is killer though

I'm with the boss man on the Mosaic. I've gone out of my working woman's way to get the treehouse, heady, etc. only to be disappointed more than once. I'm not really down with feeling like I'm not worthy of buying a beer from a brewery I have to first drive a half hour to 4 hours or more and then spend an hour (or more) in line for and get a greater than thou attitude when I beg for my "allotment" for at the register. Is the beer good? yes. but I like to drink beer more than I like to wait in line for it soooooo.... LN Mosaic is not only attainable but so good and more importantly, accessible for the most part. I have even compared side by side with the heavy hitters and preferred it!

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