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Lightbulb Beginners getting started

When first starting out salt water surf fishing there are likely to be many questions for the clueless. The best thing to do is to get out there and gain experience by trying on your own the different methods used to catch fish which you should have read about by now. There are many ways to learn about surfcasting, reading magazines,books and articles on the net are good ways to do all the research you need to get started. Usually if you can establish a good repoir with the local tackle shop, you may get hints about when,where and how to get a few fish. Maybe you want to start out bait fishing like most do, or maybe you are a freshwater flyfisherman and want to try flyfishing the salt. Whatever you want to do, go out there and try it. Trial and error might be the best way to learn for some, I believe you will remember things better by doing them and figuring them out for yourself than only by asking on an internet forum. When I first discovered these forums on the web, I just spent time reading lots of pages in the history and read between the lines to pick up info to help me catch more fish. I didn't just come on asking everything I wanted to know. Many questions have been asked hundreds of times. There are so many fishing forums that there are answers to everything from the most basic thing like which reel to use or line or how to tie a knot.

Here is an excellant site that answers all kinds of questions so you don't have to clog up the boards with trivial questions, I suggest you really search through it and download many of the pertinent articles. They are invaluable.

Now if some of the begginers can utilize the search features on sites, there will be less junk clogging up the forums. Also don't ask for spots, find your own like most of us have done. If someone is kind enough to show you a spot, keep it to yourself and respect that person by not showing others.

Now get out there and fish.
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