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Originally Posted by tysdad115 View Post
Ok, so you don't know what they are or how they function but you don't think people should own them? Got it,typical reactionary post. I get it , I do but hey nobody needs a vehicle that can go 80 mph too,innocent people are killed by speeders all the time...and texting and driving kills innocent people too ,so cell phones are gone too..let's just take everything. See the "slippery slope"?

Nowhere do "the forefathers" mention hunting in regard to the second amendment but they sure do mention a tyrannical government and I'll stick with the facts thanks. I won't wave any NRA card in anyone's face as long as they don't try and tell me what I should or shouldn't own. And by the way "assault rifles" are banned already. One needs a stamp approved by the ATF to own certain items.

If it makes anyone's feelings not hurt I asked all my rifles if they plan on doing anything wrong..but they just sat in my safe not talking or planning anything so we're safe.
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Pretty sure the texting and driving kills the driver and maybe a few innocent victims and the same can be said for the truck driver who has been driving his semi for 8 hours longer then he probably should have, how does that compare in the scope of what happened in vegas? I could use that argument and go in dozen's of directions, but we weren't talking highway safety; at least I wasn't.

Of course our forefathers didn't mention hunting, but I'm pretty sure at the time those words were penned, weapons on our side, the British side or anywhere in the world; were all pretty much basic and simple fire arms.

At some point you have to take time and place into consideration and what was so right, reasonable and so necessary then as a constitutional right, I think in today's environment and pressures needs to be seasoned with some fing common sense.

Do you think those who wrote those constitutional rights giving us all the right to own those basic firearms, in order to protect your life and the lives of your family, do you think today those same people would broad brush that to include everything? I seriously doubt those same people would feel the same today, not given the environment we are all living in today.

Some of me best friends are avid hunters, I'm not advocating taking guns away, I'm just saying control what can be bought and put better vetting on who can buy.
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