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Originally Posted by tysdad115 View Post
It also reads "shall not be infringed"...
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Yes it does, and that's the thing. I'm not a huge fan of all these guns in the hands of people with a questionable grasp of reality. But what's scarier to me, is ignoring the parts of the constitution we don't happen to like. I'm not a conspiracy nut, but that is a slippery slope I don't feel like embarking upon.

There isn't anything even close to an easy answer. I wish there were a lot less guns. I also wish there was a bit less evil, and a bit more empathy.

Everybody here is making a lot of sense, I extreme reactions one way or the other. Neither Charlton Heston nor Nancy Pelosi has the answer, I'm confident of that.

Our moral compass needs a tune up. I turned the TV off and went outside to shoot hoops with my kids.
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