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In September of 1986 my wife and I were driving from Oak Bluffs to Edgartown having just driven over the big bridge when she takes an envelope out of her pocketbook and asks me how many "fins" were in her hand. They were my winnings from the year before in the derby that I never bothered to count. I just looked and assumed about $200.00 worth. She started counting, and counting and counting. She stopped at $500.00. Everyone accepted the "fins" then. It sure made my "86" derby a lot nicer. I just scanned some of the last they issued of them on the computor a few days ago. The number on the bill is #25??. Originally called scales and then fins. I kept a bunch of them over the years for keepsake. You were awarded them for daily, weekly, and end of derby prizes. The other big prize I received at the "85" awards ceremony was a free weeks vacation at a cabin in West Tisbury. I only ever got one dirty look using them. It was when I paid the bill in the Navigator for dinner with them. Paid the tip in cash, and that still didn't bring a smile to the guys face, and it was a good tip.
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