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Originally Posted by Nebe View Post
You got to look at the big picture
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The big picture is created by details. Looking at the big picture is an inspection of those details. By dismissing or overlooking details, the big picture is not much better than a lie.

And when details are misrepresented, twisted, contorted into lies, than the big picture is full lf lies.

And when the big picture is a concoction of details that intentionally paint a picture that doesn't or didn't exist, it is a fiction.

And when the fiction is made, not to amuse or entertain, but to persuade, it IS a lie.

And if the picture, the information on which we must vote, is a lie. then we are not only looking through a glass darkly, we are swindled into voting against ourselves. We are manipulated into our own societal demise.

Orwell warned us about the big lie. But that is old news.
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