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Originally Posted by basswipe View Post
Pretty good,they're exactly where they were supposed to be...Syria.

I've never even met you and you're one of the smartest people I know and it blows my mind you could even question where those weapons came from and then subsequently went.

And what really kills me is the US is cleaning this mess up on taxpayer dollars.Replace the N in UN with an S and that's where the $ comes from.
Awe.. thanks Basswipe. Sure.. Saddam trucked it all out before we got there... but my point is that the whole weapons of mass destruction fiasco was nothing more than a coined term to push a crooked agenda. I forget the phrase that Himmler used to justify the Nazi conquest, but it goes something like " People will never catch on to your big lie if you feed them a bunch of little lies to distract them"..

Sure Democrats are not perfect and i am sure that as i get older i will follow winston churchill's advice- that when you are young, you are a liberal because you have a heart.. but as you get older you become a conservative because you have a brain.. That said, my brain catches a lot of BS on both sides. More so with the GOP....
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