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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
What would peoples response be , if the fire dept saying they wont respond to your burning house because they didn't build it

or the Police wont respond to your 911 call because you didn't give them a donation

or the coastguard wont rescue you at see until your swimming

Apparently, the Democrat response would be not to respond, not to rescue you:

The GOP needs to grow up .. sometimes you need to fix the car you have ... not just buy a new one FIX the Car and the reality is none of our elected officials ever have to drive in that car. And now the are crying it has no brakes and were going to let it crash ..... thats leadership ???

The Democrats refused to "fix the old car" when they bought the new Obamacare. And when it turned out to be more of a clunker than the old one, the cry is to fix the new and worse clunker. Uhh . . . most folks would buy a new car rather than investing more money into a broken down old one that was a lemon when it was new.

Making America great one Car wreck after another
That's been the Progressive model of government since time one. Constantly destroying the Constitutional system one wreck at a time. Then using the crises, wrecks, they create as an excuse to convince us that a new wreck is required. But they don't actually abandon the old wrecks. They keep the gas guzzlers chugging along with constant costly repairs, and just keep adding new wrecks to the pile of government bureaucracy. So now, instead of a well kept model, or even a new, shiny, well functioning one, we have a boondoggle of clunkers that are too expensive to maintain. So we have to constantly borrow more, and get deeper in debt to keep the clunkers going. And, in order to keep enticing the public, new clunkers are wrapped in glossy Christmas paper and parked in the garage.

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