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My point is simple theses are the people that set the public face to the gun issue .. not Normal gun owners they are being dragged alongside people like this and people like wayne lapierre or Dana Loesch? and others with their outrageous claims .. and how they address gun violence with tired cliches.. and an intractable postition

Be part of the solution or the solution will be made with out you..

I am not anti gun I am anti the 2a guys say I can have what i want when I want it . ( and why should I have to wait 1 day or 30 days to buy a gun or are against Gun Registration .. or pay for your own background check or have a different class licenses for fire arm Classes.. we do it with a drivers Licenses for things from buses to tractor trailers . it works why not with guns ?

Laws requiring gun owners to register their firearms ensure gun owner accountability and help law enforcement solve crimes and disarm criminals. Despite the clear advantages inherent in registration laws, few states have such laws on the books—and some prohibit them outright.

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