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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
30 years in Corrections 24 years in the Military bought and sold guns lived in mutiple states and a very diverse group of friends and acquaintance's. Thats a big bubble

Maybe you need to look beyound your bubble how any regulation always leads to confiscation as a argument against it 100% of the time

Not beliving people should not own Ak 47s and M-4 or an AR-15 or other assault rifles dosnt equal i support confiscation.. but with most conservatives it all or nothing ,

And the only party i have seen reducing the freedoms and choices of ordinary americans with vigor..are Republicans state and federal.. across America
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You are arguing for confiscation of certain types of guns, I suppose, because they are used to kill a lot of people. In actuality, the types of guns you say you are not interested in confiscating, on a daily basis, are used to kill lots more people than the guns you say should be confiscated.

One precedent leads to another. If the object is to save lives, than all guns should be banned from ownership. Before the mass shooting using high capacity guns started to happen, there were calls for the elimination of the right to own hand guns. I recall being able to search the net for articles, such as by the NYT that openly called for the elimination of the right to own guns. It's suspicious that I can't find those articles now on a web search.
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