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Originally Posted by chefchris401 View Post
A lot of missing details and speculation right now, from car jacking, to driving shootout, to inside job for escape, wrong people killed, to The state trooper vehicle being taken, etc

The one video of like 15 cops unloading intontye truck is pretty inane.
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Originally Posted by tysdad115 View Post
Clearly more laws are needed.
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Originally Posted by Nebe View Post
I am pretty sure you are going to see an epic #^&#^&#^&#^&storm come down over this event. Multimillion dollar payouts to the family of that guy and guess who ends up paying for it... us.
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There are a lot of multimillion dollar payouts we pay for, most avoidable by following a few key tenants:
Don't do drugs
Don't get in trouble
Don't be an a$$
Pay more attention in school

Do those 4 things and 99 out of 100 people will be better for it

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