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When I was 16, I worked as a cashier at a grocery store. I remember every month when welfare checks and food stamps came out, there were rules as to what things you could buy with that aid (things like food). Every month, large numbers of the same exact folks, would try to use that aid to buy things that were not allowed (makeup, cigarettes, tabloid magazines, beer). Every single month, the same exact people would try the scam. Some of them drove cars that were much nicer than my parents' beat up station wagon. And every single one of them was furious that they couldn't use welfare to purchase that crap, they were appalled that 'The Man' would tell them what they could do with 'their' money.

Made me sick. That was the first time I started leaning right. Then as an adult, I became more and more Catholic.

In the 1960s, the national Democratic party threw its hat in with every radical movement it could find (sexual revolution, the anti-Vietnam revolution, Black Panthers, abortion fanatics), and it hasn't looked back. Not a great cultural leap forward in my book, but I'm a wee-bit old fashioned.
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