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Originally Posted by Got Stripers View Post
I think Trump is a thinned skinned, narcissistic bully, but my Fidelity account loves him. I wish his administration would just get its #^&#^&#^&#^& together, just ignore the BS and do your job.
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And if Hilary had won, you'd have a different kind of thin skinned, narcissistic bully in there (remember when she went on TV and attacked the victims of her husband's predation? She called them loony tunes, that's some feminist, boy). And your Fidelity account would be lower. So count your blessings.

Trump is way more crass and vulgar and obnoxious (on the surface) than Hilary is. They are moth morally bankrupt creatures.

He will shoot his mouth off and say more stupid things than she would have done. If you point out every single time he says something idiotic, you're going to develop carpel tunnel syndrome from typing so much. we all know he's a hot-headed baby who has no filter between his brain and his mouth. No one disagrees with that. Well, maybe Sean Hannity does, but no one here does.
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