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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
So if Obama is Blamed For BLM movement

I guess Its Trumps fault for the White Nationalist Movement

So are you saying that both were at fault or that neither were?

(seems the silent Majority is in Plan view now ) Mr Trump condemned violence by "many sides" - but stopped short of explicitly condemning the far-right.

If he condemned violence by many sides, why should he explicitly condemn one side?

Trump just missed another chance.. Sad he so is weak he cant even be speak against the Nazi Flag in America
I assume the Nazi side was included in the "many sides" which he condemned.

BTW, I don't think Trump has specifically sided with any race. I don't believe he has expressed a "white lives matter" point of view.

For many on the "white" side, the decades long criticism and portrayal of them as being racist, and the never ending social set asides and preferential treatment for "minorities" and the seemingly entrenched rhetoric of white guilt accompanied by the assumed purity of minorities from racism, hate, and bigotry, has created a backlash. That backlash was dormant and possibly growing in intensity, and was probably brought closer to the surface by Obama's failure to create the anticipated racial unity as a result of his election. Instead, he egged on the white guilt and black innocence trip.

And it really started to ignite when Trump's rallies were so often disrupted by the SJW's trying to portray him as a racist, bigot, homophobe, and all the other phobes. And further ignited when right wingers. were shut down from speaking on college campuses by the SJW's and BLM's, aided by other left wingers.

If Obama would have equally condemned all "sides," maybe the chit would not have been hitting the fan as it is now.
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