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Originally Posted by detbuch View Post

And it really started to ignite when Trump's rallies were so often disrupted by the SJW's trying to portray him as a racist, bigot, homophobe, and all the other phobes. And further ignited when right wingers. were shut down from speaking on college campuses by the SJW's and BLM's, aided by other left wingers.

Would have been nice if the coverage was equal to but the media made Trump out to be the bad guy and the rioters at his rally as nice normal people pushed into rage because of Trump.

Even with yesterday's H O R R I B L E Neo Nazis/WhiteSupremecist/KLAN azzholes it was NeoNazis -v- "Counter Protesters", not Antifa, not much was peaceful about it for either side. But that is what happens with identity politics - AND media coverage.

Originally Posted by detbuch View Post

If Obama would have equally condemned all "sides," maybe the chit would not have been hitting the fan as it is now.
Yes, he should have but he didn't. Ironically a lot of us called him out for it and being vague, Trump was vague enough yesterday too. He could have been more direct at putting the Klan/NN/WhiteSuprems in check but he didn't.

Yesterday was Effing Horrible, but it should not come as any surprise because it has happened in the past with those groups, and it has happened in the past and the more recent past with Antifa/BLM/WWP.

Neither is acceptable and neither should be ignored.

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