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Originally Posted by JohnR View Post

The way the news spins things the left are all counter protesters are good (Antifa, WWP, BLM, Workers/Socialists/Communists) and whatever they are protesting is evil. So regular Americans, that disagree with the left , good people assembling will now be lumped in with real a$$hole hategroups like KKK / Neo Nazis, etc. With the backing and top cover of news media.
That is the scariest thing to come out this week, being lumped in with hate groups. Well you have George Soros and the Democratic party to thank for this, all part of their plan. Don't buy into their bull.

GOD FORBID IF HILLARY was president,a compass would not be the tenth thing I would think of if she were president, the Dems are really working at ruining this country.

The United States Constitution does not exist to grant you rights; those rights are inherent within you. Rather it exists to frame a limited government so that those natural rights can be exercised freely.

1984 was a warning, not a guidebook!
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