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Arrow keep in mind

Originally Posted by afterhours View Post
what do we do .
a couple of things

one, is that the newest Ebola remedy and subsequent cure
and actual Doctor test subjects have been instrumental in
establishing a real cure because your able to reveal cause and effect.

two, is that even Cancer the incurable has been recently discovered to
utilize bacteria to act as a relay switch to control further cell division
or cell implosion (mortality) thus there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Three, We have to be careful (tread lightly)about literally WAKING a sleeping giant
that being the Volcanic network worldwide by bomming the crap
out of everything.
We cannot risk creating a black dawn no sunlight gets thru scenario that plunges us into a nuclear winter even if
those types of weapons were not used.... we need smarter bullets instead....robots... drones with superior AI and more new tech toys.
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