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I was at Cooper for 11 years, Had a friend that worked in the office at DBS and he told me the owner (Joe Delgato) wanted to start a stair shop. A meeting was arranged and we were on our way to building a new stair shop. I worked with them for about 8 weeks at night gathering tool, machinery and everything else that we would need to get this off the ground. I eventually left Cooper to run the DBS shop. Running the shop was not for me though. I wanted to build them...estimating and paperwork sucks! I got another guy from Cooper to come over and he took care of all that part of the shop. Later another guy came over and the three of us Cooper guys had a good thing for a bunch of years. I would build all day and I would install nights and weekends. I kind of got burnt out with stairs though. I was in the field building houses again and stumbled across the guy that I was working with at DBS (the second guy from Cooper). He was working at National Lumber Stair shop in Mansfield, and looking for another stair builder. Off I went to talk to them. I was there for about two and a half years and the shop was struggling bad. The sales team had no idea how to measure a stair and it was costing the company a ton of dough.I bailed and went back in the field, a few months later the stair part of the millwork shop shut down.
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