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Originally Posted by scottw View Post
this is a brilliant article....

"mostly a series of bullet points about the American Lands Council which he somehow connected to white supremacy, right wing fanaticism, and most bizarrely of all the Kim Davis controversy. I couldn’t believe that someone who was a “scientific” person felt the need to use the guilt by association trap, the screeching leftist “Racist! Sexist! Homophobe!” nonsense in a discussion about land use."

not only is journalism dead....along with

what did she write?......"It’s propaganda—dogmatic as any religion."
Not a bad essay in some spots, she makes some good points. Kim Davis, or even Obama or Trump never get mentioned in my courses, and I have had my share of climate skeptic students.

One caution, Watts has frequently been found to mislead on his interpretation of others work, either by commission or via ommisson.


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"For once I agree with Spence. UGH. I just hope I don't get the urge to go start buying armani suits to wear in my shop"
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