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Originally Posted by RIROCKHOUND View Post
None of the science has made projections like that, at least not any of the published, peer reviewed science. You can hear what you want, but the actual scientists, for the most part are conservative in their projections.

Take sea level rise, measured both using tide gauge and satellite altimeter data. Projections have been for a meter or more by 2100 for a while. Measurements made since the those projections have us on at least that track, with the high end\extreme, due to increased melting of land based ice being 9ft+. This is not a linear process and not the same everywhere due to land subsidence, uplift and even gravitational attraction of water to the ice sheets. All of this doesn't produce 'waterworld' inundation... but go walk around our coastal cities at high tide and add 3ft, 5ft of more to where the water is. Hell go to Annapolis now and see what they have dealt with already with 1 ft of rise.

Al Gore was a senator, VP and made a movie. Not a scientist. He is an advocate, and yes a hypocrite.
Al Gore claims to be an advocate. He clearly lives like a "science denier", he is using this movement, and the sheep therein, to add a couple of zeroes to his balance sheet.

The models are based significantly on assumptions, because there is so much we don't know at this point. We need to keep studying, to keep learning. It's far from settled.

Fishing, scuba diving, hiking, and wildlife photography are my favorite hobbies. No one has a more vested interest in healthy ecosystems than me, especially since I also have 3 young kids who also deserve to inherit a healthy planet. But that doesn't mean I'm going to let people whose environmental footprint is staggering ( al gore, Clooney, DiCaprio) tell me to knock down my house and live in a yurt, while they jet around from one palatial home to another. With liberals, it's rarely about what "they" should do, it's always about what "we" should do.
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