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Originally Posted by RIROCKHOUND View Post
Then don't listen to Al Gore or DiCapprio.

How about the current Pope???
Read the science, understand the projections, make your own conclusions.

As far as models... Models are based, tested and tuned using historical observations and then run forward into the future. The key thing to take away is not the exact prediction of any one model, but the consensus of the models based on past observations and current trends is that we are headed for certain outcomes; warmer temperatures and higher sea levels are two of them.

This is a good explanation of models:

Nice broad paint brush at the end there to derail a discussion. No conservative or religious figure ever preaches to live your life a certain way and does the opposite. Nope not ever.
As to the paint brush at the end, Al Gore is the pope of this religion. He has made who knows how many millions of dollars off it, and he obviously doesn't believe a word of it. He doesn't speak for the scientists, obviously. But asking why he rejects all of what the movement professes to believe, is nonetheless a valid question. Of course there are glaring hypocrites on my side, too. And I can say out loud, that those hypocrites damage the ideology which I embrace, and that we need to get rid of the hypocrites. I've never heard a climate change advocate, not once, denounce their supporters in Hollywood who, if the models are correct, are destroying the planet. The only ones who ever get called out, are skeptics.
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