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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
I know your smarter than a supreme court justice.. NRA and your view just another example if you say it enough it must be true.]Posted from my iPhone/Mobile device[/size]
Supreme Court Justices disagree with each other. So, I guess by your implication, some are smarter and others dumber. Supreme Court Justices have made vile or unconstitutional decisions, such as Dred Scott. The most important quality of a Supreme Court Justice, in my opinion, is fidelity to the Constitution. Justices who rule by various values of justice that come and go with generations, rather than by what the Constitution dictates, are the greatest enemies of the Constitution and our founding system of government.

SCOTUS Justices are not gods. They are fallible, all too human, sometimes vain and full of self-importance, or politically biased. Quoting one may tell more about you than the intelligence or constitutional fidelity of the judge. Read the Constitution for yourself. Stick to its words, not the opinions about those words other than the opinions of the founders who wrote it.
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