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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
Yes that's how it works ... when you sit on your hands and your answer is always no ... your predictions of consfcation will be of your own making
"Do what we say or we'll ban you"

Fix existing laws...

"Do what we say or we'll ban you"

Let's look at the data on how firearms are used (Violence, Gangs, Suicides - though all are down)

"Do what we say or we'll ban you, and it will be your fault"

Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
funny republicans do it with abortion all the time there is no compromise just outright ban on a personal choice but they dont see it in the constitution.. it's a different matter altogether
It is not in the Constitution, therefore Congress gets to pass laws at the Fedederal level and states pass laws at the state level. Courts decide whether or not it fits in the Consitution.

The 2A *IS* in the Constitution.

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