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Originally Posted by numbskull View Post
Impromptu trip yesterday. @ noon a neighbor informed me about a mass of birds and breaking fish way out off my local beach and only about a mile from my harbor. Grabbed a rod, the dog, Sauerkraut (in that order) and hopped on the boat. Beat into a stiff NE wind and found everything had stopped. Decided to try WH which was quiet and too much tide to fish right. Had Sauerkraut and the dog all eager to fish, while my heart wasn't in it. Said effit, pushed up the throttle and flew a dozen miles down to Quicks. Put the boat on a drift while SK casting with his 6' drop (on an 8' rod!) repeatedly tries to hook my ear. Almost too much cross wind to work plugs, lousy weather pattern, don't want to be there, too rough, and BANG........Sauerkraut hooks a decent, as in borderline #20, fish that puts him immediately in the rocks. Save his butt with some boat handling, circle back, and mackerel (?) start flying out of the water with bass in pursuit. Spend the next 2 hours catching fish (tiny-15#) and having a blast. Turn into the NE blow to head home, expecting to be beat up, and find that the full moon tide with the wind has flattened things out nicely. Easy run home, kept a fish for winter fishcakes, dog happy, wife happy, SK happy, I'm happy. In the late fall you just never know.
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