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when i was younger, didn't have a job, and spent my summers on the vineyard, i used to fish for bones and albies from a small tin boat and yak. they are "pattern" feeders, so after watching them for while you should be able to "predict" where they will show up next. i found they usually have about 3 "stops" and they chase the bait back and forth between these general areas. I never had luck anchoring, but once they would go down in one spot i would move to the area i expected them to come up in, and 7 out of 10 times i would beat the fish there. or i would go from spot 1 to spot 3 while the fish and other boats were speeding to spot 2. then i would head from 3 to 2. tried to stay ahead of the speedsters. one of the highlights of my fishing career was having an albie flick one of my flies into the air and then grab it mid-air and take off taking me about 3/4 mi out past east chop. what a day!
good luck

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