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Originally Posted by Nebe View Post
The dumbing down of our goverment will continue as long as everyone says "yes this was stupid, but it happened before under X".

How about.. "this is unacceptable" and leave it at that?
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Fine. But I don't think an innocent incorrect statement, is one of those things that means one is unqualified to serve. How many people could go 4 years without mis-stating a fact, if you spoke into a camera all day long, every day?

With all the terrible things Trump has said and done, THIS is what upsets you? His press secretary's knowledge of exactly what kind of weaponry was used everywhere by Hitler?

I have no problem with Spicer being hostile to most of the press, they deserve no better, they are a disgrace. He should strive to get his facts straight. When he's wrong, he should admit it, and that's what he did.

When Obama said dumb things, did he apologize? Or did he further insult his critics, by saying that we always misinterpreted his words? So when he called the Cambridge police "stupid", he wasn't criticizing them, heavens no! We just aren't evolved enough to see the brilliant nuance of his articulation!

I'll take a guy who can look me in the eye and admit when he made a mistake. We sure as hell didn't see much of that for the last 8 years.
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