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Originally Posted by Jim in CT View Post
How do you know Spicer lied? How do you know he wasn't just wrong? He very well could of and I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. That is why I didn't respond to this thread until you brought Ernst up and said the press was in the bag for him. Spicer has made many out and out lies already.

Boy you must have been really concerned when Obama said there were 57 states...No, I recognized it as what it was - a mistatement. And when you commented on it I always stated that (most) people recognized it as a mistatement.

"Yes, but how many times did you bring it up? That was the 1st time I recall you saying it was a mistatement."

Absolutely incorrectNo, you (and Scott) brought it up a few times. . I could care less that Obama said that, and I stated that many times. Anyone will mis-speak when there is a camera in their face all the time, it means nothing. It means nothing when Democrats make innocent mis-statements, it means nothing when conservatives do it. Fair enough?Totally agree w/that.

What matters is what they do, and their policy. Not an obscure, meaningless error of language.

Obama gave me plenty of awful policy to hold him accountable for, and plenty of reprehensible things that he did. I didn't need to nit-pick over meaningless statements like 57 states.

You are going to have a long, long 4 years if you can't ignore this insignificant garbage.
I think I and most people have already ignored a lot of things that President Trump said (and Spicer)- including some fairly significant things.
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