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Originally Posted by Nebe View Post
The dumbing down of our goverment will continue as long as everyone says "yes this was stupid, but it happened before under X".

How about.. "this is unacceptable" and leave it at that?
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But many relevant instances have been accepted under Obama.

It should be we hold both parties to the same standard but we didn't and we don't. This is part of how we got Trump. The vocal left called everyone they did not agree with as *phobic *nist and finally fascists.

This Is How You Got Trump

The Dems ran the most baggage ridden candidate in the election, arguably the one person Trump could beat.

This Is How You Got Trump

If the left keeps it up, you will get 4 more years of Trump

I didn't vote for him but I sure can see why he got elected

Originally Posted by Nebe View Post
You did it again. "When Obama...."

I just stop reading after that
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Sometimes it is right, sometimes wrong

Originally Posted by Jim in CT View Post
He is also a Commander in the US Navy Reserve. Reported for duty today.
Hope he is not a PAO

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