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I've come to the opinion.....and it is open to change......that there isn't much difference between building recreationally or commercially. They are just different ways of reinforcing self-esteem by using plug building.

If I build a plug that looks rough but catches fish for me and my friends (or teach someone else to do the same) I derive enjoyment from the process as well as get an self-esteem reward.

If someone else takes greater pains to build a more attractive plug that other's value enough to buy they also derive enjoyment from the process (of both building and selling) and get a self-esteem reward.

The problem arises, I think, when either of the rewards of plug building.....the enjoyment of building (and/or selling) and/or the self-esteem gain by doing so.......diminishes.

I think recreational builders burn out because of the latter. Once you've built a lot of plugs and caught a lot of fish on them you don't really need more plugs, you start to realize what you build is not that special or necessary for fishing. The self-esteem bit diminishes. Making them begins to feel like work so that enjoyment fades as well and people move on. Some quit building, others change focus and begin selling.

I suspect a lot of commercial builders go through something similar. The self-esteem reward from earning money and having your stuff in high demand brings with it pressure.....pressure to keep production up, to pursue perfection, and to innovate.....pressure to meet your customer's changing and growing expectations and demands. For many, chasing this reward probably begins to kill the pleasure achieved by the process of building, it becomes work, and they move on.

The guys who continue to build long term are the guys who find a balance that works to keep the building process fun and self-esteem benefits at a modest maintainable level. For some this involves selling, for others not......but no big difference.
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