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Charters and shorts

Today, I was out in my super awesome tin boat full of holes and rotten crab legs. It was glass, 25 when I left, drove thru 23, I said #^&#^&#^&#^& this better be good. And then I had to start my '95 Johnson pull start. Pull, pull, pull, choke pull, pull, pull, now I'm pulling off the first layer. Pull, nope gloves suck too at this point. Pull, nothing, buddy is on shore like is this gonna happen. (Ok, don't look at him again til this turns over). Pull, nothing #^&#^&#^&#^&. Should have got a 4 stroke. Pull, nothing next layer. Pull, nothing. Eether. 2 seconds, pull, vroom, ckkkkkkkkk.

The #^&#^&#^&#^&ing tog are waiting! Pull, pull pull, nothing. Eether again and she turns over and pours sweet, sweet white smoke into the early morning air with the cover off so it's extra loud. And by the time I smell like a chainsaw, it's time to go.
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