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SingleCut Beersmiths

If you can find SingleCut on tap I highly recommend trying some!!! So far my favorites are 18watt billy IPA, Full-stack Double IPA and Half-stack IPA.

On my list to try next is 200watt Billy Triple IPA, Eric more cowbell Milk stout, Fuzzbox Double IPA and Does Anybody Remember Laughter IPA its description sounds so good!!!
"THIS IS AN IPA that takes a building in a manner that our 420 fore-fathers were very used to Ė Herbal dank resin galore intertwined with a liberal helping of pineapple / stone fruit and mild spice / citrus finish. Smooth, soft malt wonít put a bustle in your hedgerow, so donít be alarmed now.

I really like Treehouse Julius and when I tried 18Watt Billy on tap, it was the closest to Julius I've found so far.

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