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probably a coil...most of the modern stuff have CDM's that combine switch box and coil in one...... this seems to be the year of the ornery outboard... I've had the same motor since 2004... she's been great...only routine maintenance.. which I do faithfully... it's put me through the ringer this season... I've had gaskets dissolve and foul a carb... accelerator pump injectors go bad ( took me forever to figure than one out)... a brand new fuel pump (I put it in this spring)go bad/be defective and a few other miscreant problems... more than once limiting where I could's running great now....just in time to put it away until salmon season in the spring...

Hope you get it running soon.. you guy's still have some season left to's just about done here for consistent /reliable fishing..

A good run is better than a bad stand!
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