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My arms a killing me !

Fishing in Boston Harbor continues to be the best we have seen in years !!!
This past week Capt. Mike had trips wed, thurs & friday
Each trip produced no less than 20 very large (25 - 40 lb ) bass
and as many 10 - 15 lb blue fish.
Yesterdays trip was a last minute cancellation, so we (Team Ave Maria) decided to fish a small tournament our marina was putting on.
Started out @5.30, we got our bait and from the minute we set up and had lines in the water, the action was non stop being double & tripled up!.
Fished till about 1:30 , having to stop fishing and reload on bait 3 more times.
Final tally, over 30 large bass (all between 20 - 40 lbs) largest for the day was 47in about 40 lbs (caught by me)
Went through TONS of hooks and leader from the dozens of huge blue fish caught.
Needless to say, we took most all places and prizes in the tournament.
On the down side though, my arms are pretty sore, and hands are full of cuts,
Today, Mike & myself planned to fish a while in the am, then we hauled the Ave Maria 2 out for some cleaning, it's going to the dealer for some maintenance tomorrow, and mid week, head down to the Cape/Bass River for the FLW tournament this coming weekend.
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