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Originally Posted by wdmso View Post
all i hear from you and other 2a supporters is the same broken record Their coming for our guns .. I ask who and your this is your answer ?

we all know who the control freaks are.. No we dont lets hear some names names maybe an organization or is this more deep-state voodoo



Originally Posted by PaulS View Post
A new low for this forum.

Nahhhh, hold my beer ; )

Originally Posted by Nebe View Post
You are talking about a handgun. :moon:
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No Eben - in order to purchase a gun in Mass you must already have a gun permit (FID Card) - which means you have gone trough all the forms, background checks, and processes plus have waited one to two months (or more) in order to get the card.

Originally Posted by Pete F. View Post
I'm concerned because i think that eventually my children will not have the right to have guns.
My other concern is that many of the same people who are concerned about having gun rights think that people do not have the right to:
Burn a flag
Build a house
Do any drug they want
Not pay taxes
Have a boat
Eat horses
Have or eat a dog
Have more than one wife
Distill alcohol
Interesting list. Missed your point - you want your kids to be able to do whatever drugs they want? Eat your dog?

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