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Originally Posted by Jim in CT View Post
again, you are denying truth. I am well aware that the president needs advisers.

He said "I was instructed to..." And again you fail on sarcasm

He needs advisors for big, specific issues, for the military, for the economy, for crime, etc. Why does he need to be instructed (his words) which reporters he's allowed to call on? See Above

You flushed your credibility here by suggesting the vaccination rates are "almost certainly" lower for whites, with absolutely zero data to back it up. go read the article I didn't write it

And as always, when you humiliated yourself, backed yourself into a corner from which there's no escape, you play the "but Trump" card.
your blind to trump's actions but observant with Joes

If you can find a video where Trump said to Jim Acosta "I was instructed not to call on you". I will concede that Trump did it too.

just inject Bleach I bet his staff wish they had a button after that

What honest people suspect here, is that Biden needs to be coddled so that he doesn't go out there and soil himself, or start singing Ethel Merman tunes in response to a question.

No Jim dishonest people who cant find anything else push Conspiracy theories AKA you

"And they have a schedule to maintain?"

Nope. He mentioned who he was instructed to call on "first", which meant it was the beginning of the question-and-answer period.

“Our hearts and minds are with the people being persecuted so unfairly relating to the January 6th protest concerning the Rigged Presidential Election,” Trump said in a statement. “In addition to everything else, it has proven conclusively that we are a two-tiered system of justice. In the end, however, JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!”

But your worried about Biden Right now the danger to America are Republicans who would have ever such a thing would be True
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