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How do you catch CT River "Spring Stripers?"

Hi, this question pertains specifically to the CT River in the May Striper season. I've only seen large stripers pulled out using live alewives, but I want to avoid this completely because of regulations. I catch plenty of juvenile stripers here, and probly one keeper every other year. Someone suggested to me to drift eels from the shore. I've tried this for an entire striper season. I sent out a 3-way rig, attached to 6 oz weight and 2ft of fluorocarbon leader with a live eel rigged at the lip. I was always told by the locals to just let it drift with the strong current, and set my rod down and wait for the reel to scream. I've NEVER caught a single striped bass this way, even tho I've moved myself to different locations on the river. I was there every other day, from morning till midnight, and nothing. I mainly fish the , and this coming spring I may have a boat to use. I was wondering if anyone knew why this method of eeling didn't work, and what would? Should I have just plugged them with a weight slowly like I would anywhere else? Should I not have any weight at all and plug them? Should I liveline the eels? I've never had so much as a single hit just drifting them from the shore. I feel like I have to go about things differently in the CT River, because of the large numbers of juvenile striped bass that I'd like to avoid. There are definately large stripers in this water, because I see people pulling them out consistently using alewives. Can anyone (Even if you've never fished CT River) help? It's a strong current, and stripers flood the waters in May to spawn. How should I approach this with eels or anything else?

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