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Originally Posted by BEETLE View Post
Enjoyed going to your Grandfathers in Norwell with my Dad to go shopping for tackle.
I went there once when I was a kid to that barn in Norwell. I think it was 76-78 or so. I was 9-11. Went with some of my dads friends from the Savin Hill YC. I needed a spinning rod. Ended up getting an 8ft spinning rod for $10. I beat that thing up for years with blues and snagging pogies.

I can still remember that night though. Bunch of guys in a car, headed from Quincy to Norwell to go to (Bill Nolan's) barn and get some gear. Now when your a little kid going from Quincy to Norwell seemed like it was in Maine.......and going to a barn......when your a kid the things in your head are..... what is this. I can remember asking one of my dads friends if "this was the black market".

Now I live on the North River and fish some of the same waters that your Grandfather and you fished allot I'm sure. The fishing is still outstanding in the month of May into June.

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